Loaded & Ticking

from by Maestronomics

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My greatest needs are few
The only things I need
Are cigarettes and you
I inhale all the smoke
I taste the burning menthol
Inhale enough to choke

I feel so alien
And I’m on borrowed time
It’s like you stand
Detonator in hand
Mocking what was mine
You have just stepped into a field of mines
These are ticking bombs and these are loaded guns
This is mental anguish
This is blood that’s forced to run…

So run, run, run…away

This is what it looks like
With edges frayed inside
These are eyes that water
Still a frightened child
Separate the skin and the marrow to the core
Surgical steel cold to the touch
Close my eyes and count to four…

Oh one, two, three…four

Fire to burn
And ice to freeze
Thoughts get pulled away like pollen carried by an autumn breeze
Bring it to the surface
Skim it off the top
Lying down so still
Like outlines that are etched in chalk…

They are etched permanently…


from Ground Floor, released February 4, 2014



all rights reserved



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